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We take a closer look at why art should be considered as an investment.


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Why are strategic planning and management key to the development of cultural institutions?

Art & Finance report 2014


Art & Finance report

A closer look at the growing Art & Finance industry

This annual report aims to act as a barometer for the emerging Art and Finance industry, to highlight the main trends and developments, but also to capture and measure the changing motivations and perceptions among its participants.

Art & Finance report 2014

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In last year’s report we identified an increasing sense of convergence in motivations among key stakeholders in the art market and in the wealth management community regarding art as an asset class.

Based on the findings of this report, the wealth management industry is clearly taking a more strategic view on art as an asset class and how it might be used as a tool to build stronger and deeper relationships with clients, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This year’s findings suggest that art buyers and collectors are increasingly acquiring art and collectibles from an investment viewpoint (76% said so this year, compared with 53% in 2012), which will most likely increase the need and demand for professional and wealth management services relating to the management and planning, preservation, leverage and enhancement of art and collectible assets.

It is particularly interesting to see that the wealth management community is already responding to this new demand, with 88% of the family offices and 64% of the private banks surveyed said that estate planning around art and collectibles is a strategic focus in the coming 12 months.

This highlights that art related tax, estate and succession planning issues are increasingly becoming a hot agenda topic. Also, 50% of the family offices surveyed stated that one of the most important motivations for including art and collectibles in their service offering was due to the potential role it could play in a balanced portfolio and asset diversification strategy. 

Art & Finance report 2014 - Key facts

Art & Finance report 2013

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Since the first report, we observed significant shifts in perceptions of the role of art in finance, as well as the role of finance in art. What emerges from the 2013 report is a gradual convergence in the motivation and interests of key stakeholders in the art market and wealth management community as regards art as an asset class, and this trend is driven by the client.

Art & Finance report 2011

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This first report was focused on establishing a better understanding of the boundaries of the emerging Art & Finance industry, the concerns and motivations of its stakeholders and the potential of art as an asset class among the wealth management community. 

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