Art as an investment

We take a closer look at why art should be considered as an investment.

Forensic & AML services for Art Market professionals


Forensic & AML services for Art Market professionals

Understanding the global art market and its needs against financial crime

Forensic & anti-money laundering procedures are increasingly becoming essential to keep your art market business safe.

The art market presents a significant target for financial crime. Artworks are high value goods that can be readily transported, and are traded in a market defined by discretion where protecting client privacy is paramount. For these reasons, both fraudulent and money laundering activities can become an issue in the art world.

Take, for example, a recent case at a major auction house in Paris that sold a painting without verifying its origin, nor establishing the identity of the vendor, thus exposing the firm to money laundering and resulting in a suspension of one of its auctioneers. This brought to light the need for performing regular due diligence checks on vendors, purchasers and to whatever extent possible, the art piece itself, as one of the necessary safeguards against financial crime.

“Knowing Your Counterparts” does not consist in merely collecting ID documents but calls for actual understanding of the counterparts’ background and their source of wealth.

Deloitte Luxembourg offers a range of services for Art Market professionals in the areas of Anti Money Laundering (AML), Forensic, Fraud and Investigations and Business Intelligence. 

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Vincent Gouverneur

Partner - EMEA Investment Management Leader

Key contacts

Adriano Picinati di Torcello

Director - Art & Finance Coordinator


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