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Art & Finance

Art & Finance

The unprecedented development of the art market over the past few years has resulted in the ‘financialisation’ of the art market. Art is now seen not only as an object of pleasure, however, also as a new alternative asset class with interesting business opportunities.


Heritage works

This is the second edition of Heritage Works. While the principles and key messages of the original Heritage Works (2006) remain, there have been fundamental shifts in the property market and the wider economy


Transformation of the cultural sector

Why are strategic planning and management key to the development of cultural institutions?


Art & Finance events

As experts in the field, our Art and Finance team is often represented in external events, as well as our own conferences and seminars.


Art & Finance services

Deloitte Luxembourg proposes a cluster of top services for the art, cultural and financial sectors.


Art & Wealth management

Deloitte offers a wide range of audit, consulting, risk and tax services that pertain to the art world in coordination with our international experts.


Art-secured lending

Have you considered Art-secured lending for your High net worth individual (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth individual (UHNWI) clients?


Art-related due diligence

Forensic & anti-money laundering procedures are increasingly becoming essential to keep your art market business safe.


Art & Finance Tax services

No matter one’s perspective, tax concerns impact all actors in the art world, whether art collectors, artists, art businesses, or financial stakeholders.


Art & Culture

Deloitte Luxembourg Art & Finance team can help you push your cultural heritage and assets to their highest value.


Digital strategy services for Art Market professionals

Our expertise in the art market, digital strategy and customer practice can assist your digital transformation.


Art & Finance seminars for professionals

Deloitte Luxembourg provides seminars to professionals who seek hands-on guidance through the global art market.

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Key contacts

Vincent Gouverneur

Partner - EMEA Investment Management Leader

Key contacts

Adriano Picinati di Torcello

Art & Finance Coordinator



Art & Finance International Contacts

Meet our key contacts for Art and Finance


Bringing your art business to Luxembourg

Have you ever considered Luxembourg as a starting point to create art-related financial services or your own art business?

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Deloitte Art & Finance International conferences

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