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We provide tailored services to support CFOs with corporate governance, operations, performance management & business strategy. 


CFO services

Addressing the challenges of the finance function

We provide tailored services to support CFOs with corporate governance, operations, performance management & business strategy.

Addressing your challenges

It is challenging being a CFO these days. Complicated decisions have to be made on many fronts, and knowing exactly how to proceed at any given time is harder than it looks. A smart move for one company could be unreasonable for another - and understanding which way to turn requires experience and insight.

At the same time, CFOs face never-ending pressure to cut costs, grow revenue and tighten controls - while assuming unprecedented personal risk for their company’s mistakes. Given these internal and external forces, it is no wonder that CFO turnover is on the rise. One reason the CFO’s job is getting more complicated is because it comprises four major roles. We call these roles the 'four faces' of the CFO: Catalyst, Strategist, Steward and Operator. 

Our CFO services

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Aborder les défis de la fonction finance

Finance transformation strategy
Helps CFOs identify the weaknesses in their finance organisation to prioritise the required change initiatives, and supports CFOs in defining an optimal operating model that will increase its influence in the organisation, support the business and manage key finance activities more efficiently.

Financial close and reporting optimisation
Helps CFOs in need of enhancing the quality, improving the timeliness and/or reducing the cost connected to their financial close and reporting process.

Treasury and working capital optimisation
Helps CFOs to identify and assess the potential optimisation of working capital needs in close collaboration with the management to include the commercial and operating perspective. This includes a detailed review of the accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory in order to identify and quantify potential cash flow improvement.

Debt advisory and credit assessment
Helps CFOs to improve their cost of financing and optimise their funding structure from a financial, tax and risk perspective.

Integrated performance management
Helps CFOs by implementing a structured management approach to translate strategic objectives into operational results, through a lens focused on value creation. This includes identifying KPI that are aligned with strategy.

Financial transaction process optimisation
Helps CFOs to improve the financial value chain automation: reviewing information systems, analysing current configurations in order to improve productivity and efficiency. 

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Key contacts

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