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Since 2009, Deloitte has decided to open its knowledge resources to the professionals of the Financial Services Industries community.

What is Link’n Learn?

Led by Deloitte’s leading industry experts, Link’n Learn is series of webinars conducted over the course of the year, specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with today’s critical trends and the latest regulations impacting your business.

An hour of your time is all you need to log on and tune in to each informative webinar. 

Our webinars will be held on Mondays and Thursdays, from 05:00 to 06:00 p.m. CET (Click here to see the equivalent time in your region).

A detailed programme and agenda of all webinars is attached below.

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Led by Deloitte’s leading industry experts, Link’n Learn is series of free of charge webinars conducted over the course of the year, specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with today’s critical trends and the latest regulations impacting your business.

The webinars are recorded and these recordings are available online in MP4 format after each session. Click on the title to view the webinar.  

17 July 2014 - Remuneration: Key developments and considerations for Fund Managers

1. Key trends in asset management remuneration
2. AIFMD – update on current position and current country challenges
3. CRD IV – impact of new rules on Code Staff identification
4. UCITS – remuneration developments

19 June 2014 - Derivative Financial Instruments - Introduction to Valuation

1. Interest Rate Swaps
2. Cross Currency Swaps
3. Forward Contracts & Futures
4. Options
5. Contracts for Difference
6. Total Return Swaps

5 June 2014 - Unravelling Basel III and Capital Requirements Directive IV

1. Give a brief overview of Basel III / CRD IV
2. Highlight the regulatory implications of CRD IV for Investment Firms / Managers of Funds
3. Highlight the Regulatory Implications of CRD IV of Investment Funds & potential structural reform
4. Outline the Business implications of CRD IV5. Q&A

22 May 2014 - Introduction to Hedge Funds

1. Introduction and Background
2. Key market participants and their respective roles
3. Types of Hedge Funds
4. Hedge Fund Strategies
5. European AIFs

8 May 2014 - MiFID II / MiFIR - Implications for Fund Managers

1. Drivers for change
2. Governance
3. Conflicts
4. Markets Reform
5. Conduct
6. Joining the dots between regulatory change
7. Key next steps

29 April 2014 - Introductions to Islamic Funds - Discover what Luxembourg can offer

1. Introduction
2. Islamic Finance in Luxembourg nowadays
3. Structuring Sharia’a Funds
4. Examples of Sharia’a Funds structures
5. Opportunities for Luxembourg

24 April 2014 - UCITS developments

1. Evolution of UCITS
4. Impact of wider retail investor protection initiatives on UCITS
5. UCITS product and distribution landscape
6. The future for UCITS

10 April 2014 - AIFMD - 100 day plan

1. Status and developments from ESMA/key jurisdictions
2. Distribution and passporting under AIFMD
3. Compliance planning – key risks and challenges
4. AIFMD risk management
5. Delegation and remuneration in practice
6. Preparing for regulatory reporting
7. Service provider and depositary arrangements

27 March 2014 - FATCA Implementation

1. FATCA Overview
2. Latest Technical Updates
3. Key Priorities/Requirements
4. Key Pillars for Successful Implementation of a FATCA Programme

20 March 2014 - AIFMD Depositary - Taking a risk-intelligent approach

1. The changing risk and cost profile for depositaries
2. Operational impacts
3. Pricing strategy
4. Capital considerations
5. Findings of our European depositary survey

6 March 2014 - EMIR - Where do you stand?

1. What are the challenges facing the asset management industry today with respect to EMIR?
2. 12 business days after 12 February go live date – where does the industry stand?
3. Clearing and margining requirements
4. What we can expect to see happening in the broader financial services industry (banking and insurance) that may have an impact on the asset management industry?

13 February 2014 - Introduction to Investment Funds

1. Introduction – what is a fund, types of funds
2. Key participants to a fund
3. Financial instruments and valuation
4. Market Trends

30 January 2014 - Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) - How will supervision be in the future?

1. Banking Union and the SSM: preparing for a new world
2. SSM in practice – Target operating model, current status, impacts on banks and regulators
3. Comprehensive Balance sheet assessment – content and timeline
4. SSM in the wider context of regulation


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