Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

The KIID was introduced as a replacement for the simplified prospectus which was often lengthy, poorly designed and full of technical terms. With its clear and simplified layout, the KIID provides investors with all the information they need in an easy to read document.


Deloitte KIID services

Discover how Deloitte Luxembourg can help you manage KIID with a full KIID factory, the KIID diagnostics, and the provision of KIID content.


KIID diagnostics

Deloitte KIID diagnostics is a battery of over 75 separate tests aiming to measure KIIDs’ compliance to the requirements. 


KIID factory

Deloitte KIID factory is a full outsourcing service of KIID content creation, assembly, production, and quality control.


Provision of KIID content

The KIID is a complex document and the creation of the content is a further challenge. We can provide you with the best components to construct KIIDs. 

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