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Deloitte’s Operations services help companies build lasting competitive advantage at every level of the business. We work collaboratively with clients to connect strategic vision to measurable results for supply chain, industry operations, cost reduction, and business model transformation.


Demystifying Change Management

Change has become a ‘way of life’, with ‘change management‘ being a recognised discipline for 30 years now. 


Process Intelligence: six tenets of intelligent process improvement

This paper outlines six tenets to help companies think beyond what is currently “known” and bring more “intelligence” to process improvement. 


Operational challenges of Information management in the fund industry

A financial product has to comply with regulations and is meant to be sold to customers. Its characteristics is subject to legal and commercial obligations. 


Operations excellence

The key to a successful business is not only to rely on having innovative products and good business strategies but also on day-to-day operations. 


Target Operating Model - TOM

Improve your performance through operations aligning people, processes and systems to best achieve your vision. 


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Deloitte Luxembourg can help you implementing a successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 


Cosourcing and resourcing services

Some of your challenges create an immediate need for external expertise? Deloitte can provide you with efficient and operational resources.

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