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Real Estate

Real estate is not the place for off-the-shelf solutions. We recognise this, and our approach is to understand the requirements of your business and to develop solutions that address them directly and practically.


Trimming the Sails for Growth

2014 Commercial Real Estate Outlook


IFRS industry insights: Real Estate Sector

The new revenue Standard could have a major impact on the profile of revenue and profit recognition.


Audit and assurance services

Deloitte understands the real estate market and its unique peculiarities. So we are the best partner for construction and real estate companies to handle the various business issues.


Tax and legal in Real Estate

Learn more about our tax and legal services for real estate industry


Financial advisory in Real Estate

Our Real Estate Transaction Support team carries out due diligence in reviewing target companies trading performance, cash flows, debt structures, and major contracts.


Strategic support for property development

The cost of development is constantly growing due to rising cost of land and high inflation rates, not allowing for premium margins as it was several years ago...


Construction group

Deloitte Construction Group is a team of top engineers and experts with extensive experience in construction of real estate and infrastructure projects. Our engineers use best world practices and methods to prevent delays in construction schedule and budget overruns...

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Steve Openshaw

Partner, Real Estate Leader


International markets

Whether you are a Russian business seeking to expand your operations abroad or an international company looking to invest in the CIS region, our international services groups can help...



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