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Russia & CIS desk in New York


Russia & CIS desk in New York

We provide tax & legal consulting services for US companies thinking of doing business in Russia, or those who already have a foothold in the market. Our New York office is staffed by bilingual members of our Moscow team who are ideally placed to meet your needs.

Russian companies contemplating doing business in the US will benefit from our local knowledge and access to the Deloitte team in New York. US companies contemplating business in Russia will benefit from the combination of our local Russian knowledge and the US outbound investment and tax perspectives of our US counterparts.

We are available to help in a number of areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help your business succeed.
  • Investment structuring, including selection of business entity and holding company jurisdiction
  • Familiarisation with Russian accounting, tax and legal frameworks
  • Finance and cash repatriation planning
  • Employee issues – immigration, remuneration and employment structuring
  • Tax effective IP structuring
  • Updates on changes to Russian tax legislation
  • Liaison with our Russian and CIS colleagues to advise on specific industry issues, market entry strategy, site selection, and more

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