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Russia’s telecommunications market is growing rapidly. Your company has been successful in this field through implementing new technologies, introducing new products and demonstrating a flexible marketing policy...
Corporate social responsibility services


Corporate social responsibility services

International studies have demonstrated that corporate social responsibility (CSR) aspects have a most significant, non-financial impact on the value of the company. All the stakeholders, from potential investors, local communities, customers, media, suppliers, business partners and employees of the company are equally interested in company’s efforts in this regard. Given the above, CSR report preparation becomes a very important necessity for companies. It is used by investors during their valuation of the companies, during comparative analysis, and for taking capital investment decisions. Local governments and municipalities estimate the potential of the company in their region based on the CSR reporting that reflects both the existing development programs and plans for the future.

Focus on

CSR reports describe various aspects and company’s performance indicators, with a focus on:

  • Social programs and community investment
  • Asset management
  • Health and safety at work
  • Environmental protection
  • Development / staff training
  • Human rights

Deloitte advantage

Our teams bring together the combination of expertise covering a knowledge of key areas of CSR and associated disciplines with the skills of consultants and of auditors.

Our practitioners have detailed local knowledge and experience of country legislation, industry practices, culture and stakeholders demands, and regularly participate in international teams serving international clients.

Our services

  • Environmental and corporate social responsibility risk assessment and strategy development
  • Provision of advice on global ‘frameworks’ (eg GRI, UN Global Compact etc) and good practice based on European experience to establish expectations
  • Corporate issue and risk identification
  • Assessment of liabilities associated with contaminated land and buildings
  • Management of the environmental due diligence process to protect asset values and timescales within the transaction process
  • Development of a strategy to manage issues and risks including appropriate management structures
  • Strategy implementation
  • Support in the development of policies and corporate level guidelines
  • Development of environmental and CSR management programmes
  •  Identification of performance indicators
  • Design of approaches to information and data gathering
  •  Support with employee training and awareness raising
  • Preparation of the CSR reports
  • Advice on developing corporate communication strategies including stakeholder identification and consultation
  • Data and information gathering and drafting of environmental or CSR communications
  • Assurance
  • Independent assurance of company sustainability reports

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