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Financial Advisory

In today’s highly complex international marketplace, getting advice from specialists that you can trust is essential. Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of M&A transactions, valuation, financial investigations, restructuring and corporate governance.


FATCA: Time to Act

The requirements of FATCA will apply to all financial institutions in the Russian Federation, including the branches and subsidiaries of foreign entities operating on Russian territory...


Reviews and investigations

We can help you manage and reduce the risks of fraud, strengthen compliance programmes and investigate potential cases of fraud and misconduct. 


Dispute Services

Disputes can be complex and often involve substantial damages that need to be accurately quantified. You can rely on us in litigation and dispute environments, where an accurate and detailed estimate of potential losses is essential.


Capital Projects

As much as 50% of your CAPEX invested in construction projects could be lost to fraud and conflict of interest. 



An entire business dispute, commercial investigation or litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances. 



Reliable data is key to your business. Managed well, it will drive revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. If managed poorly, you could lose customers, lose control of costs and expose your business to unquantifiable levels of risk.


Alexander Sokolov

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory


Ludmila Grechanik

Partner, Consumer Products Leader

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Fraud Express Diagnostic

We have developed a data mining tool which offers a fully automated 1C data analysis approach to identify suspicious transactions.