Four key drivers - competition, customers, deregulation and technology advances - are forcing telecoms companies to reorganise around customers, expand markets and upgrade infrastructure. We recognise these challenges and focus on solutions for both service providers and equipment manufacturers.


Tech, Media & Telco Predictions

Knowing what will come next in tech, media and telco trends has become a key competitive differentiator and can give your business a leading edge. That is why each year, we’re presenting our view on the major trends from the industry that will impact UK businesses.


Digital transformation for telecom operators

Together with Facebook and Rogers Communications, Deloitte has analysed how telecom operators can embrace an array of online tools and people-based platforms to meet rising customer expectations and transform into more customer-centric organisations.


Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: The UK cut

The ever-increasing reach, reliability and speed of cellular networks are central to the growing appeal and utility of the smartphone. Our fifth annual edition of the UK Mobile Consumer survey analyses the key trends that we see happening in the mobile industry.


Career opportunities

People make Deloitte one of the best places to work, to learn, to grow. We offer inspiring work to students and experienced professionals across Tax Consulting, Audit, Financial Advisory, Consulting and Technology.


Innovating is no longer an option. To stay ahead, organisations seek exponential innovation—the power to shape disruption for strategic advantage. We disrupt and deliver solutions every day. That’s where we excel, helping you unlock possibilities and navigate complexities to thrive.

Ed Marsden

Telecommunications Lead Partner

Ed Shedd


Head of UK TMT