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Deloitte’s Energy & Resources specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the oil and gas, power and utilities, alternative energy, and mining sectors. We offer clients exceptionally detailed industry knowledge and a global network, alongside local market delivery.

Interview with John England

Deloitte University Press

Connected barrels

In the oil and gas industry, the promise of IoT applications lies not with managing existing assets, supply chains, or customer relationships, but in creating new value in information about these. An integrated deployment strategy is key for O&G companies looking to find value in IoT technology.


Energy industry leaders share their latest thoughts on compliance in the US

Energy industry leaders share their latest thoughts on regulatory compliance in the US-based on a survey of 51 companies.

Deloitte University Press

Following the capital trail in oil and gas

Oil and gas companies are facing a new environment of lower prices and faster investment cycles, calling for a more dynamic approach to the capital supply chain.


2015 Mining Industry Outlook

Read the 2015 Mining Industry Outlook for insights into the challenges facing the industry.


Oil & Gas Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax Update

View the latest updates on accounting, tax, and regulatory matters for the oil and gas industry.


Power & Utilities Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax Update

View the latest updates on accounting, tax, and regulatory matters for the power and utilities industry. 


Forward look: Top regulatory trends for 2015 in energy

How can energy organizations stay ahead of regulatory trends for 2015? Explore regulatory trends, challenges, and opportunities for 2015.


Oil prices in crisis

The oil market is experiencing the largest price decline since 2008 as prices tumbled. Explore what has caused this price decline.


Mexico’s energy reform

Mexico’s oil & gas industry looks promising for the country and for those players able to accelerate their entry into Mexico’s energy market.


Deloitte Resources Study Series

Learn how a commitment to energy management is becoming engrained among US consumers and businesses across all sectors, from technology to heath care.


Oil & Gas Mergers and Acquisitions Report: Year-end 2014  

Learn more about the dynamics of the 2014 deal market and what to watch for in 2015 in this report.


US Renewable M&A Revs Up

Renewable power is fast-becoming a mainstream energy source as opposed to an alternative one.


Deloitte Utility Tax Training Seminars

The Utility Tax Training Seminars are two, one-day programs focused to meet the specific needs and issues of participants.


Deloitte Power & Utilities Fall Seminars

Discover more about two days of seminars focusing on  accounting, financial reporting, tax, and valuation in the Power & Utilities industry.


Deloitte Energy & Resources Conferences and Training Seminars

​Learn more about the conferences and training seminars offered by Deloitte's Energy & Resources practice. 

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Vice Chairman | US Oil & Gas Leader


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