Manufacturers are often in the business of balancing trade-offs: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customization and standardization; and competition and collaboration. What's new? The ever increasing complexity in which strategies are decided, plans implemented, and decisions made.

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Everything manufacturers want to know about raising prices but are afraid to ask

May 28 | 1:00 PM ET

Dbriefs Webcast

Recall Readiness and Management in the Automotive Industry

June 17 | 1:00 PM ET


2014 Global automotive supplier study

This study analyzes leading edge performance within the automotive supply base.


How is the risk landscape changing?

Manufacturing faces a pressing need to continually evolve risk assessment capabilities as strategy-related risks become increasingly vital in the future.

Deloitte University Press

Cracking the genetic code of high-performing manufacturers

What enables high-performing manufacturers to excel consistently? How are they positioning themselves for the future? How do they differentiate themselves?


2014 Global aerospace and defense sector financial performance study

Deloitte’s Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Financial Performance Study is an assessment of the 2013 financial performance of 100 major global aerospace and defense (A&D) companies using information from public company filings and press releases. 


Manufacturing competitiveness hub

Deloitte’s Manufacturing Competitiveness Hub provides deep perspectives about the drivers critical to becoming more competitive in this global marketplace.

Deloitte University Press

3D opportunity

How can additive manufacturing help your company improve performance, growth, and product innovation? Where and to what degree should you invest in these technologies? Explore the Deloitte University Press collection to learn more.


Aerospace and Defense

Demonstrated insight extending to aerospace, commercial aircraft, business and general aviation, and defense. Click here to discover more.



Deloitte automotive industry professionals can help navigate complex issues and challenges impacting companies and the rapidly evolving auto industry.


Process and Industrial Products

Process and industrial products industry services including chemicals, metals, industrial products, and forest, paper & packaging.


Consulting Services for Manufacturing

Deloitte’s Manufacturing professionals lay the groundwork for better business, so our clients can focus on innovation.

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