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Life at Deloitte

Equipping veterans with skills to succeed

Deloitte takes a holistic approach when supporting veterans with an emphasis on physical health and recovery, education, and employment—through a complement of skills-based volunteering and pro bono. #DeloitteThanksVets

Life at Deloitte

Empowering future leaders

By 2015, Deloitte’s education and skills programs will reach more than 1 million young people around the world.

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Deloitte Foundation faculty and student resources

Since 1928, the Deloitte Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, has been helping to develop future talent in the fields of advisory, accounting, and consulting. 

About us

Corporate Citizenship

Leading with education and veterans

Citizenship drives measurable change in our communities, inspires our actions as societal leaders, and instills great pride in knowing that what we do best–applying our skills and experience–accelerates positive, societal impact. We drive impact through our signature national issues: education and veterans, and through pro bono and other key programs such as board service opportunities and Impact Day. We also work alongside the many other social impact programs and projects within Deloitte.

A focus on education

Through our RightStep program, we engage, mentor, and support today’s students. We do so via our Education Governance Council, our national signature relationships, the Deloitte Foundation, Deloitte Programs, our Innovation Prize, our United Way Education Fund, our thought leadership, and our volunteers. 


► Congratulations to the 2015 RightStep™ Innovation Prize winner, Reasoning Mind! 

A focus on veterans

By 2020, projections show  the American veteran population will be nearly 20 million, and 40 percent of these veterans will from the Gulf Wars. Recognizing this, Deloitte has not only increased our emphasis on the employment of veterans and reservists; but also, through our long-standing commitment to our communities, we are focused on more effectively addressing the core needs of veterans. We believe the collective knowledge and experience of our practitioners places us in a unique position from which we can support the establishment of best practices across the continuum of military and veterans support.  



How we deliver impact

“Deloitte’s pro bono program is just one component of our culture of purpose. Coupled with skills-based volunteering, board service, and our recently launched Social Impact service line, we are able to help drive positive impact in our communities. Through our pro bono services, we also work with nonprofits to increase their own ability to be leaders."    

– Jonathan Copulsky, Managing Director of US Corporate Citizenship

Pro bono
Pro bono engagements represent one of our strongest opportunities to create social impact and business value by demonstrating our knowledge and skills on behalf of nonprofits.

The Deloitte Employee Giving Program is an employee giving program through which Deloitte professionals raise financial support for local communities. All funds raised through direct payroll deductions or check payments are disbursed through United Way. We also give through the Deloitte Foundation Matching Gift program to support institutions of higher learning.

Impact Day
Deloitte’s approach to Corporate Citizenship is based on the idea that by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our practitioners we can make the most significant impact in our local communities. Impact Day represents a celebration of this ongoing commitment to use skills-based volunteerism as a means of leading in our communities.

Deloitte Center for Leadership & Community (DCLC)
The DCLC is an important component of our skill-based volunteer program. It provides qualified volunteers with an effective and efficient way to deliver training workshops and collaborative capacity-building sessions to nonprofit executives nationwide.

Board membership
Deloitte professionals consistently demonstrate their exceptional commitment to the nonprofit community by serving as board members, dedicating both time and resources. Board service enables our professionals to leverage their expertise and realize social impact at a leadership level.  Additionally, nonprofit board membership helps our people to build relationships with key business and community leaders.

Skills-based volunteerism (SBV)
SBV leverages professional skills to help community organizations. It allows for leadership opportunities and drives social impact through the transfer of valuable knowledge from the for-profit to the not-for-profit sector.

Our impact extends even further

Deloitte is in a unique position to bring together our social, public, and private sector knowledge and relationships to jointly make a social impact. 

In response to our clients’ needs in this space, the Social Impact service line will focus our projects and our thoughtware on nine key issue areas.

  • Education
  • Emerging Market Entry Strategy
  • Food Security and Agriculture
  • Global Health and Wellness
  • Economic Development, Inclusive Growth, and Job Creation
  • Philanthropy and Social Investing
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Scaling
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Water, Energy, and Environment

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Social Impact Consulting

Deloitte’s Social Impact practice helps clients in public, private, and social sectors become a catalytic force to meet our greatest societal challenges.


Jonathan Copulsky

Principal | Consulting