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University of Washington wins Deloitte Foundation’s National Student Case Study Seminar

Undergraduates build skills by tackling complex financial accounting issues

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Wilton, CT., May 6, 2014 — By demonstrating a solid understanding of critical financial accounting issues, a team from the University of Washington took top prize at the Deloitte Foundation's 19th annual National Student Case Study Seminar. Competing against five other national finalist schools, the winners applied their burgeoning skills to successfully solve and present a real world business case study. The five members of the winning team will each receive a $2,000 scholarship and the school will receive $10,000 in support of its accounting program.

Members of the second place student team from Morehouse College will each receive a $1,000 scholarship and the school's accounting department will be awarded $5,000. Also competing were students from Brigham Young University, Miami University of Ohio, the University of Houston and the University of Notre Dame. Each of these schools will be awarded a $500 scholarship per team member and $2,500 per institution.

"The National Student Case Study Seminar is one of the many ways our Foundation supports the educational enrichment of our profession's future talent," said Carol Lindstrom, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and president of the Deloitte Foundation. "In addition to helping students build the technical, research and analytical skills required in our profession, it also allows them to hone their presentation and teaming abilities. All of the participating students should be very proud of their work."

The National Student Case Study Seminar is an educational event sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation through contributions from retired partners, principals and directors of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. During the competition, a dedicated faculty advisor and a Deloitte manager work with each student team to identify, define and solve the complex challenges of real world accounting case studies. Each group presents recommendations to a panel of active and retired Deloitte partners, who assume the roles of a client organization's senior management or audit committee members. At the seminar's conclusion, the panel selects the team that best outlines relevant issues and most effectively presents their case.

"This experience is so valuable for our students. They are asked to work as a team, provide an answer to a nebulous question and present and defend their findings. All of these skills are very important for them to learn, but are hard to teach in the typical classroom setting. Thus, by creating and supporting this program, Deloitte is taking an active role in their education. I'm very grateful to Deloitte and the Deloitte Foundation for engaging and investing in the learning process of our students. Moreover, I'm honored to have worked with such fine students who represented to the University of Washington well, not only in the case, but also in their creativity, work ethic and professionalism," said Jake Thornock, professor, University of Washington.

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