The Deloitte and Guidewire Alliance

Combining business strategy and insurance industry insights with core systems.

​The Deloitte and Guidewire strategic alliance brings together Deloitte's deep experience in business transformation in the insurance industry with Guidewire's suite of applications for core systems transformation. Together we can help insurers realize the potential of their core systems by transforming business processes to take advantage of the flexible capabilities in Guidewire software.

Insurance industry insights

Deloitte brings decades of experience in helping insurers transform their business processes and IT systems. We serve a majority of the largest companies in many insurance sectors and our cross-functional industry group draws on Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's global network of firms to provide a broad spectrum of services across assurance and advisory, enterprise risk, tax, actuarial, regulatory and consulting. We have deep experience across all key areas of the insurance value chain and have invested in tools and accelerators that enable our project teams to efficiently deliver core systems transformation projects with repeatable high quality results for our clients.

Core systems transformation

​Many systems integrators can stand up a new software system for you, but that may not be enough to transform your business. Deloitte brings a broad, end-to-end set of capabilities and experience to help deliver increased business value when implementing a core systems transformation. We start by helping you define or refine your business strategy and objectives. Then we use technology as a tool to create effective business outcomes. Whether we work with you from start to finish, leverage previous work to improve results, or step in to help redirect a transformation program, we focus on implementing a solution that can realize operational and technological efficiencies and enable enhanced information management.

Capturing the value of insurance data through analytics

As insurance companies transition to the more flexible core systems applications offered by Guidewire, many are shifting from product-centric operations to a customer-focused business model. To fully support this shift, insurers should consolidate their disparate data sources into a data warehouse that provides a 360 degree view of the customer and enables the use of analytics to drive better, faster business decisions. We bring an extensive set of capabilities that involve reporting applications, portals, information delivery and basic as well as advanced analytics — all grounded in a deep understanding of the business issues that drive the insurance industry.

Achieving results in a complex ecosystem

​Across the insurance technology landscape, there is simply nothing as daunting as a PAS replacement. While claims and billing replacements each have their own intricacies, they are relatively straight forward endeavors compared to Policy Administration. Read our POV 'Policy Administration Transformation: Achieving results in a complex ecosystem.'

Driving the change agenda

Replacement of legacy policy administration systems remains one of the most difficult puzzles to solve in the insurance industry.

The appetite to take on a complex transformation which is at the heart of the business requires a compelling business case, a substantial financial investment, deferral of other strategic projects based on the breadth and scale of this type of program, a commitment to lock in key business and technology talent and a willingness of executives to make difficult business decisions. Read our POV 'Policy Administration Transformation: Driving the change agenda.'


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