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Asia Pacific Economic Outlook

The December issue provides a near-term economic outlook for Asia Pacific countries.

Deloitte University Press

Passion versus ambition: Did Steve Jobs have worker passion?

While ambition and drive are sufficient in a world that is predictable, they are not enough in a world of constant change and disruption.

Deloitte University Press

Demystifying artificial intelligence

Thanks to improving technical performance and billions of dollars of investments in commercialization, cognitive technologies are poised to have a growing impact on business over the next five years.

Deloitte University Press

Deloitte's 2014 annual holiday survey

Consumers report that their holiday spending will be up this year, as they continue to change their shopping habits as well as their expectations of retailers.


Supply unchained (video)

Prioritizing the prevention of human rights violations can help organizations open an important dialogue with empowered consumers, preserve the integrity of their supply chains, and protect their brand identity.

Deloitte University Press

3D opportunity for production: Additive manufacturing makes its (business) case

The business case for additive manufacturing starts with careful consideration of the direct costs driving AM and traditional production economics, and continues with an examination of less direct factors that can add dramatic value for companies and their customers.

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The lifetime learner

The increasingly disparate needs and expectations of individual learners are fueling the growth of a rich ecosystem of semi-structured, unorthodox learning providers at the “edges” of the traditional higher educational system.

Deloitte University Press

Stop using the term “big data”

Many think it’s an important concept, and some think it’s revolutionary, but almost everybody wishes for a better, more descriptive name for it.