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Building consumer trust: Protecting personal data in the consumer product industry

Consumer product executives should consider viewing data privacy and security not just as a risk management issue, but as a potential source of competitive advantage that may be a central component of brand-building and corporate reputation.

Deloitte University Press

Executive transitions: What traits do you recruit for?

Six fundamental leadership traits—curiosity, courage, perseverance, integrity, confidence, and empathy—might help you identify high-potential staff.

Deloitte University Press

Global Economic Outlook

The fourth quarter edition of the Global Economic Outlook offers timely insights from Deloitte Research economists about the Eurozone, China, the United States, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. 

Deloitte University Press

A solution economy for justice reform

By demonstrating shared responsibility and accountability for performance outcomes that address injustice on a broad scale, justice institutions and systems can create a “market” for solutions to societal problems.

Deloitte University Press

From monopoly to competition: How the three rules shaped the telecommunications industry

An historical view of the telecommunications industry suggests that companies that persisted with an approach consistent with the three rules were the ones that turned in exceptional performance.

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Automotive trends and Gen Y (video)

The results of an extensive study paint a complex mosaic of opportunities and challenges for automakers, with a large and powerful consumer segment more willing than prior generations to forego vehicle ownership altogether.

Deloitte University Press

Stop using the term “big data”

Many think it’s an important concept, and some think it’s revolutionary, but almost everybody wishes for a better, more descriptive name for it.