SEC reporting for business combinations and related topics

A Roadmap to Applying SEC Regulation S-X to the Acquisition of a Business


Attached is SEC Reporting for Business Combinations and Related Topics—A Roadmap to Applying SEC Regulation S-X to the Acquisition of a Business, which is the latest addition to Deloitte's Roadmap series.

When a registrant acquires (or is probable of acquiring) a significant business or real estate operation (acquiree), it may be required to provide separate financial statements of the acquiree and pro forma financial information in a Form 8-K, registration statement, or proxy statement. This new roadmap is a valuable tool for understanding the related SEC reporting considerations. The codified roadmap features an executive summary as well as over 100 Deloitte interpretive Q&As.

In addition to content from Regulation S-X, this roadmap incorporates material from

  • The SEC’s Financial Reporting Manual (issued in December 2008 and updated in April and July 2009).
  • SEC Regulations Committee Meeting minutes.
  • Other SEC rules and regulations.

In addition, the roadmap covers how certain provisions of Statement 141(R) (as codified in ASC 805) affect the SEC reporting considerations for business combinations.

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