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Financial Statement & Internal Control Audit Services

Delivering specialized audit services

As leaders in Audit, Deloitte’s professionals are committed to excellence and to enhancing the trust of the investing public and capital markets. Quality is our top priority and by focusing on innovation, we continue to raise the bar on quality and deliver value to our clients. Deloitte’s Financial Statement & Internal Control Audit (FS&ICA) professionals provide specialized audit services for our external audit clients, including reviews of financial statements and reporting on internal controls, employee benefit plans and other attest services related to financial reporting. FS&ICA professionals work in accordance with professional and regulatory standards when reviewing and reporting on our clients’ financial information and controls and are dedicated to audit quality. Our FS&ICA specialists understand the dynamics of serving complex, global audit clients across multiple industries. We strive to bring insight to our engagements and enhance the value of delivering attest and permissible services to our external audit clients.

Specialized audit services

When external audits demand specialized audit skill sets, our FS&ICA professionals help our external audit teams assess and mitigate risk, plan and perform audit procedures and evaluate audit results. Our FS&ICA practitioners have deep experience in public accounting and provide specialized audit services in four key areas: Information Technology (IT) and control auditing, exploratory data analysis and audit analytics, credit exposure and fair value analysis.

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Information Technology (IT) control

Information Technology that supports an entity’s processes is becoming increasingly complex and even more critical to the success of businesses, especially when it comes to managing financial data and information.

Our IT control specialists help our external audit teams identify and assess the risk of our clients’ IT systems and related automated business processes and controls and understand information that is relevant to the audit. Familiar with the dynamics of auditing and reviewing complex systems and processes, our IT control specialists understand how IT systems impact a company’s financial statements, business processes and related internal controls over financial reporting.

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Exploratory data analysis (EDA)

When our auditors need to understand the information within their clients’ IT systems, Deloitte’s EDA specialists apply their extensive knowledge of automated auditing techniques and analytics to identify trends and patterns that are relevant to the audit. By applying these techniques to our clients’ systems, our professionals help improve the quality and efficiency of our external audits.

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Credit specialist services

Deloitte’s credit specialists are called on by our external audit team to perform audit procedures on an entity’s loan and lease loss process methodology and to conduct credit risk assessments on commercial, consumer and retail loans. Due to the complex nature of credit services, our specialists’ primary focus is on understanding and auditing management’s estimates over credit matters.

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Fair value measurement services

Deloitte’s fair value specialists are skilled in assessing the valuation methodologies and assumptions used in fair value measurements. When fair value becomes a relevant concern during an audit, our specialists can assist our audit teams to determine the fair value of potential asset impairments and employee share options. Our specialists also help ensure that the fair value measurements comply with applicable accounting standards, accounting literature and generally accepted valuation practices.

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