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Increasingly complex tax decisions can have a significant effect—positive or negative—on the future of our clients’ business. That's why at Deloitte Tax LLP (“Deloitte Tax”), we expect you to do more than know the ins and outs of the tax code. You need to see our clients’ tax issues from all angles. Deloitte Tax provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with some of the world’s most complex consulting and compliance issues.

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Frequently asked questions

I’d like to learn more about what people in Deloitte Tax actually do…can you explain?

Most service providers can’t bring a complete array of tax advice to the table. We can, and we do. Our organization combines tax advisory services with business and systems experience, to change the way business is done. Any tax service provider can offer advice on reducing taxes. But advice is just a starting point. The biggest and best opportunities also require significant system and process improvements that change the way work gets done.

With aggregate revenue of $1.7 billion, and more than 6,400 professionals, Deloitte Tax serves companies in every business sector and industry. Our network of specialists in lead tax services, global employment services, multistate tax, property tax, international tax, transfer pricing, private client advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, tax management services and Washington National Tax is orchestrated by a lead Deloitte Tax partner, whose role is to align Deloitte Tax’s services with clients’ business needs.

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What's it like to work on a Deloitte Tax team? What are the people like?

The work can be extremely varied. You’ll work on multiple clients at the same time. It’s never the same thing all day. Many people assume that tax professionals spend most of their time preparing tax returns. While it’s true that you may prepare tax returns in your first year at Deloitte Tax, once you have that experience, your role expands to be more analytical and advisory.

People at Deloitte Tax enjoy mentoring you and offering advice, even if you don’t work with them directly. Partners will make time to meet you, to talk about your career.

Our 6,400 professionals come from top business schools, universities, and law schools, and they share a vision of unparalleled service and uncompromising commitment to the customer. Meet some of those people now.

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What’s the career path at Deloitte Tax?

Top tax performers are always in high demand, but so often, they quickly outgrow their positions and their employers. Not at Deloitte Tax LLP. We keep careers on the move. We provide our professionals with plenty of options across multiple specialties and industries.

You’ll begin as a tax consultant. The career path from there is to senior tax consultant, then manager, senior nanager and on to a path to director or partner/principal.

Deloitte Tax maintains its profession-leader status by actively cultivating and educating our already-talented employees. If it is your desire to grow, to achieve, to broaden your capabilities, then our goals are one and the same. Learn more about our commitment to learning and development and the formal and informal training programs we offer at every level of your career.

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What do you look for in a Deloitte Tax candidate?

We seek individuals with backgrounds in tax, accounting, law or economics. An academic skill necessary to succeed in Deloitte Tax is the ability to understand the underlying policy or theory behind tax rules, rather than focusing on memorization of code sections, limitation amounts, and various other thresholds.

But we look beyond accounting experience and excellent academic qualifications. Given the nature of tax work, we look for people with the highest level of integrity. We’re looking for well-rounded, goal-oriented individuals who can interact with clients, so strong interpersonal and writing skills are essential. Since you’ll work on multiple engagement teams, you’ll need to be able to juggle multiple commitments (including personal ones).

Finally, Deloitte Tax professionals also need to be team players – especially during our busy seasons – willing to assist others and ask for help if you’re struggling. Even if your assigned project is finished, those who excel in our organization will offer to help those who are still working, when it is necessary to complete a job.

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What kind of work flexibility will I have?

Within Deloitte Tax, there are obviously times of the year when schedules are less flexible, and we are working to meet immovable deadlines. But generally, the lifestyle of a tax professional allows for flexibility in your schedule, as you’re not dictated by the client’s working hours. You’ll be able to coordinate with your engagement teams on timelines, in order to work with your personal schedule.

We’ve seen that when our people succeed personally, they are better able to bring value to their clients. The demonstration of this philosophy is the success of the Deloitte U.S. Firms’ work/life and flexibility programs, which have earned us recognition as one of the best places to work, and our role as a leader in the retention and advancement of women and diverse professionals.

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How much will I travel?

The amount you travel will depend on the clients you serve. Most tax consultants can expect to be working on site at Deloitte Tax most of the time, with occasional or frequent travel to client meetings and conferences.

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