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Deloitte's Center for the Edge develops original research and substantive perspectives on new corporate growth. Based in the Silicon Valley, with teams in Europe and Australia, we help senior executives make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology.


How technology is moving the automotive industry from products to relationships

The automotive industry is facing a sea of changes in how people think about mobility. Technology is fundamentally changing the relationship between businesses and consumers.


How do you find passion?

Deloitte's Center for the Edge explores the idea of "worker passion" and seeks to answer the question, "what does passionate mean?"


Scaling Edges

Scaling Edges methodology helps businesses focus on low investment, high-growth opportunities with different business practices, changing the core business. 


Shaping strategies

In times of great disruption, shaping strategies offer an opportunity to shape markets and transform market structures rather than adapt to them. 

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Work environment redesign

The way the workplace is constructed—physically, virtually, and managerially—can have a critical impact on employee productivity, passion, and innovation. 

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Pragmatic pathways: New approaches to organizational change

Resistance to change can doom large-scale organizational transformation. One way to help make success more likely is through a series of smaller moves, smartly made—following pragmatic pathways to fundamental, long-term change.


Harvard Business review

John Hagel and John Seely Brown, Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge co-chairs, share their perspectives in Harvard Business Review blogs.


Deloitte US Center for the Edge

Your future business is at the edge of your current business. Explore our original research and discover the opportunities that exist on the edge.


Technology Industry

We serve companies across multiple sub-sectors including software, computer hardware and networking equipment, semiconductor, and IT services. 


Consulting Services for the Technology Industry

Deloitte Consulting LLP offers world-class strategic, financial, operational, human capital, and IT services for the technology industry.

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Institutional innovation

Institutional innovation allows organizations to rearchitect themselves to scale learning and generate richer innovations at other levels, including products, business models, and management systems. 


Center for the Edge Insights

Center for the Edge Insights is a regular compilation of the Center’s insights and views on a number of business issues.

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Impact of the Maker Movement

Driven by technological innovation, the Maker Movement is democratizing the means of production and enabling connections between resources and markets.

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Performance ecosystems: A decision framework to take performance to the next level

No company is an island—each operates within ecosystems. Yet most companies lack a robust decision framework to choose those ecosystems and understand the implications of their choice. What are the potential risks associated with different types of ecosystems, and how might those risks be mitigated? 


MOOCs and more: External learning for corporate IT

John Hagel and John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge co-chairs, share their perspectives in CFO Journal, CIO Journal and more.

Deloitte in the news

Technology, media, and telecom industry news coverage

Catch up on the latest headlines from a variety of publications featuring Deloitte's leaders in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry.

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Co-Chairman | Center for the Edge

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