The Shift Index

The world around us is changing. Long-term trends, driven by public policy and the exponential rate of change in the digital infrastructure, are fundamentally altering the global business environment. The Shift Index can help executives understand and take advantage of the changes around them.

Deloitte University Press

Lessons from the Edge: What companies can learn from a tribe in the Amazon

This report illustrates useful lessons for enterprises trying to learn and adapt to the Big Shift. 


Shaping strategies

In times of great disruption, shaping strategies offer an opportunity to shape markets and transform market structures rather than adapt to them. 

Deloitte University Press

Pragmatic pathways: New approaches to organizational change

Resistance to change can doom large-scale organizational transformation. One way to help make success more likely is through a series of smaller moves, smartly made—following pragmatic pathways to fundamental, long-term change.


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We serve companies across multiple sub-sectors including software, computer hardware and networking equipment, semiconductor, and IT services. 


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