2011 American pantry study

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In 2010, we set out with the American Pantry Study to clarify how shoppers had evolved through the recession. We discovered “reformed” resourceful shoppers who had shifted from fear-based purchasing at the start of the recession to a precision-based shopping approach. In the process shoppers reset the “must have” brands in their lives, experimented and appreciated private label brands, and found opportunities to extend their buying dollars substantially.

The 2011 American Pantry Study takes a deeper look into consumer behaviors and attitudes to reveal the continued impact of the recession on the consumer, shopping attitudes, shopping channels and buying practices. With data on over 200 brands in over 20 categories the study will reveal the functional, emotional, and situational requirements of "Must Have" brands while defining the pitfalls that can lead to erosion.

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The American Pantry Study is an annual report that Deloitte has continued to administer to help the industry understand the role of brands, consumer behavior, and brand trade-off strategies in the midst of new financial realities.  Explore our study from 2010.

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