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The 2014 MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte social business study reveals three drivers of social business maturity—and a strong connection between social business maturity and social’s value to the enterprise.


Retail everywhere

A Deloitte-MIT Media Lab workshop

Deloitte and the MIT Media Lab hosted a “Retail Everywhere” workshop which explored new technologies that are disrupting the nature of commerce, our jobs, and innovation in retail. New frontiers in data analytics, social transactions, sensing, 3-D printing, and design were discussed, ultimately inspiring participants to think about retail differently and to consider what the future holds.

Emerging digital possibilities

The age of digital understanding now provides retailers with a host of possibilities and challenges. Retailers can explore technologies that enable them to better appreciate and understand the needs of potential customers. For example, they can gauge customers’ reactions to store displays and learn about what they really think without even speaking to them. They can track the sourcing of the raw materials that go into a finished product and involve the customer in the manufacturing process from the rainforest to the breakfast table or from the clean room to the living room where the laptop connects to the TV to offer a variety of information and entertainment options.​

​Workshop recap

The “Retail Everywhere” workshop offered participants a valuable opportunity to think about the future unencumbered by the daily burdens and responsibility of business and to begin to see business and customers in a whole new light and environment — a “Retail Everywhere” environment.

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