Restaurants go mobile to build customer loyalty

Mobile offers restaurants a promising platform for continually engaging customers in more personalized ways.


Building consumer loyalty in the restaurant sector

Second helpings

A few basic things matter the most in driving restaurant brand loyalty, but those are not the only things that matter. The recipe for genuine brand loyalty is far more nuanced. The paths that bring customers closer to that indispensable feeling that “This brand is my brand, and I will not go anywhere else” are indeed generous in their variability.

Second helpings

In Second helpings: Building consumer loyalty in the fast service and casual dining restaurant sector, we report on the current state of loyalty in the fast service and casual dining sector.

We discuss strategic imperatives for fast service and casual dining restaurants to consider as they endeavor to strengthen loyalty and the effectiveness of their loyalty program initiatives.

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Rethinking restaurant customer loyalty

​Key Findings:

  • You’ve captured their attention. Less so, their wallets
  • Your core customers connect with your food, not so much your brand and people
  • It isn’t rocket science. A few things matter most to everyone
  • Loyalty programs have not exactly set the world on fire.  But do your most-frequent customers belong to your program?
  • Those best customers who do join your loyalty program tend to be more loyal than those who do not
  • Your core customers like your restaurant. But they don’t live there. And they don’t want to be your best friends forever

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