Frequent travelers and millennials aren't the only ones reaping rewards

Winning the race for guest loyalty

When frequent travelers choose a favorite program, they aren’t the only ones who reap rewards. There is a distinct difference between a hotel customer who has enrolled in a loyalty program and a customer who makes regular, truly loyal use of the brand because of it. For most customers, only one brand “wins” — and the prize is a dedicated relationship that enhances revenue in the long term. The journey past that behavioral tipping point is part science, part emotion.

Winning the race for guest loyalty

To turn your customers into enthusiastic, even passionate brand devotees, you need to understand the patterns in how different travelers view and use rewards. And you have to use that insight to craft a program that stands above the ordinary and the expected.

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Upgrading guests’ loyalty in hotels

High-frequency travelers participate in multiple hotel loyalty programs, waiting to see which generates the most value before focusing on one. Once past this tipping point, guests will go out of their way to build equity with their brand of preference. As Millennials become a more dominant spending segment, it will be especially important for hotel companies and brands to understand their purchasing and loyalty behavior.

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