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Round 2: How Will 2015 HIX Open Enrollment Play Out?

September 24 | 1:00 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Health Sciences

Host: Harry Greenspun, Director - Deloitte LLP
1 Intermediate CPE Credit | Specialized Knowledge & Applications

As the health care industry prepares for 2015 open enrollment, what can be learned from the first year of health insurance exchanges (HIXs)? What challenges have arisen since the end of 2014 open enrollment? We'll discuss:

  • How many individuals have enrolled due to qualifying events since 2014 open enrollment ended.
  • What is known about how HIX enrollees' health status and behaviors are impacting the risk pool.
  • What the competitive landscape of insurance carriers could look like in 2015.
  • Strategies that worked in the past year and how this year's strategies might differ.

Explore these pressing issues and findings from Deloitte's recent survey of young adults enrolling in health care.

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