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Financial Reporting for Taxes
June 29
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Current Tax Accounting Challenges and Recent Legislative, Standard-setting, and Regulatory Developments

Current tax accounting challenges, tax legislation updates, standard-setting developments, and regulatory matters can impact a company's financial accounting and reporting of income taxes. What are the latest changes that may affect your organization, and what financial reporting matters may be important for you to consider? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and their impact on financial reporting for taxes.

Financial Reporting
June 30
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Quarterly Accounting Roundup: An Update on Important Developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We've been monitoring their projects. Join us to hear about the latest developments.

Technology Executives
July 9
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Digital business: Is your company ready for the next evolution?

The convergence of social business with powerful digital forces presents potentially rich opportunities to transform technology strategies, processes, and business cultures. How can companies transcend traditional functional domains and operational siloes so their transformation initiatives gain momentum? Learn results of the fourth annual Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review study and explore implications of the rapidly evolving realm of digital business.


Transactions & Business Events
July 14
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Social media analytics, corporate investigations, and litigation: What relationships now reveal

Perpetually evolving social media provides a rich trove of background information on individuals, entities, and topics of interest. How can a new way to analyze social media relationships create insights far beyond traditional investigative methods? Learn about a new generation of social media analytics that is changing the complexion of corporate investigations.

Driving Enterprise Value
July 22
3:00 PM ET | 19:00 GMT
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Creating strategic value in times of commodity volatility

Companies that effectively manage supply chain inputs can be well-positioned to seize new marketplace opportunities. How do recent developments in global commodities markets, such as oil, impact the ability to drive strategic value and enable growth? Learn how addressing commodity volatility strategically can help create enterprise value.

Governance, Risk & Compliance
July 30
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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2015 proxy season highlights and other corporate governance developments

Recent regulatory developments and the expectation of future governance-related legislation have boards and financial executives seeking insights into leading trends and practices. What impact did recent regulatory changes have on the 2015 proxy season and what do current governance trends look like? Learn about this season's governance trends and the potential implications for your organization.

Transactions & Business Events
August 13
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Taming the high cost of corporate compliance: Effective management of internal investigations

Given the importance of compliance in today's regulated environment, corporations frequently find themselves overseeing internal investigations whose costs may easily spiral out of control. How can your organization address this challenge through more effective management of internal investigations? Hear from 21st Century Fox VP and General Counsel Brian Michael and Norton Fulbright Partner William Leone about designing and executing effective and cost-efficient internal investigations.

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