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Process & Industrial Products
April 28
1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT
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Strategic risk management: Next generation approaches for informed decision making and value creation

Increasingly global, interdependent, and fast-changing markets and business relationships pose a real threat to manufacturer performance. How can companies evolve and strengthen their risk management processes to support business imperatives and generate enterprise value? Learn how some manufacturers are looking beyond traditional risk management models to integrate strategic risk into their planning process.

Real Estate
May 4
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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Is real estate headed for the clouds?

For real estate companies, cloud computing has become a top requirement for new IT system selections. What should you know about the cloud environment? Learn important insights about keeping up with this growing technology trend.

Energy & Resources
May 5
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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Alternative energy: In the mainstream, here to stay

While alternative energy hasn't yet shed the alternative label, its shift into the mainstream is largely complete and likely irreversible. What are the trends to watch as alternative energy's momentum accelerates? Learn how alternative energy has become firmly entrenched in the mainstream and why it may continue to outpace growth projections.

Health Sciences
May 10
1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT
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Patient centricity: A new life sciences model for improved outcomes

Life sciences companies are changing business models and developing new technologies and solutions to become more patient-centered and outcomes-focused. How are improved clinical education, therapy administration, and medication adherence, along with use of digital tools, leading to better patient engagement? Learn how changes in technology and the health care ecosystem are empowering consumers and redefining how life sciences companies interact with them.

Travel, Hospitality, & Leisure
May 19
11 a.m. ET | 15:00 GMT
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Going digital: Strategies for creating competitive advantage in restaurant and hospitality companies

Digital isn't just a technology set or an approach; it constantly challenges the status quo and transforms the way people live. In the restaurant and hospitality industry, going digital is much more than just ordering or booking online. Learn how restaurant and hospitality companies can leverage digital to improve business results from the front of the house to the back.

Federal & State Government
May 31
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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Millennials in government: Debunking myths about the youngest public servants

Federal, state, and local government human capital officers have become increasingly anxious about attracting and retaining millennial workers. Are millennials as reluctant to work for the government as the conventional wisdom suggests? Learn about Deloitte's nationwide analysis of millennials in government workforces, aided by new datasets and analytic techniques, for a more data-driven perspective on millennials.

Aerospace & Defense
June 9
1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT
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New revenue recognition standard: Tax implications for aerospace and defense companies

Aerospace and defense companies will soon be subject to new FASB revenue recognition standards. What important tax implications could there be for your company? Explore ways to interact with those responsible for the pre-tax changes and lead your tax department through this and other pre-tax accounting changes to come.

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