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Tax Controversy
December 2
2:00 PM ET | 19:00 GMT
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Interest issues that arise with the IRS: Knowing the rules is essential

The rules regarding the taxpayer's liability for interest on underpayments and the IRS's liability for interest on overpayments are very complex. How is interest calculated on tax underpayments and overpayments, and what are some common exceptions to the basic rules? Gain a better understanding of critical interest concepts and considerations.

Business Strategy & Tax
December 7
2:00 PM ET | 19:00 GMT
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Onshore, offshore, or nearshore: Where will shared services go next?

As businesses have evolved in recent years to enable process efficiencies and stay competitive, the location of talent has become a vital part of their strategies. What recent developments should CFOs know about shared service centers and how can tax planning take these talent strategies to the next level? Learn about today's shared service center strategies and the important role of tax planning.


Financial Reporting for Taxes
December 14
2:00 PM ET | 19:00 GMT
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Staying ahead of common tax accounting pitfalls and year-end update

In the current regulatory environment, what issues should your organization consider to stay ahead of tax reporting pitfalls and address potential control deficiencies and current tax accounting challenges? What financial reporting matters may be important for you as the year end approaches? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and their impact on financial reporting for taxes.

International Tax
December 17
2:00 PM ET | 19:00 GMT
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BEPS update: What final guidance means and how countries are adopting it

The OECD's final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) guidance is due in September. What are new developments and how are local countries interpreting the guidance? Learn about the latest BEPS developments and how your company can plan for the new global tax environment going forward.

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