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China Issues
April 9
11:00 AM ET | 15:00 GMT
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New Indirect Transfer Rules in China: A Major Improvement?

On February 3, the Chinese State Administration of Taxation released Bulletin 7, a comprehensive regulation addressing indirect transfers of Chinese taxable assets by foreign nonresident enterprises. Bulletin 7 provides guidance on assessing transaction taxability and exceptions, clarifies some unresolved issues, and improves administrative procedures on tax collections. Learn how this new rule could affect your existing and future investments, as well as divestments, involving China properties.

Financial Accounting and Reporting for Income Taxes: Current Developments and Interim Reporting Complexities

The financial accounting rules applicable to accounting for income taxes in interim periods are very different than the rules applicable to annual periods. New tax legislation and standard-setting developments can potentially impact a company's financial accounting and reporting of income taxes in both interim and annual periods. What are the latest changes that may be important for your organization to consider, and what do you need to know to prepare for the complexities of interim financial statement reporting? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and areas of complexity related to interim financial reporting for taxes.

Private Companies
March 31
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Succession Planning: Who Will You Need And Where Will They Come From?

Effective succession planning requires both careful, accurate assessment of talent and continuous, targeted talent development that meets specific needs. What effective practices can benefit your organization? Learn results of Deloitte's 2014 Business Confidence Report and how private companies are addressing management succession.

Financial Executives
Financial Reporting
March 31
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Quarterly Accounting Roundup: An Update on Important Developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We've been monitoring their projects and will discuss: Join us to hear about the latest developments.

Technology Executives
April 2
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Emerging Technologies: Anticipating Cyber Security Risks

The damage inflicted by recent high-profile cyber attacks demonstrates that now, more than ever, companies should proactively plan for organized, sophisticated, and potentially devastating attacks. How can organizations leverage the power of emerging technologies and also fortify their defenses against a security breach? Learn ways to anticipate and address security vulnerabilities that can surface with the adoption of emerging technologies.

Health Sciences
April 7
1:00 PM ET | 17:00 GMT
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Technology Trends Transforming Health Care: A New Age Unfolds

The life sciences and health care industry is changing with the rapid expansion of digital and mobile technology; cloud systems that store unimaginable amounts of data; and applications to sort, categorize, and connect that data. What other technology trends are driving innovation and transformative opportunities in the industry? Explore technology trends driving innovation and shaping the dimensions of health.

Financial Services
April 7
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Benefits of a New Policy Administration System: Why Going Live is Not Enough

Many property and casualty carriers embark on core systems transformations, with a focus on policy administration, to enable insurance professionals to more effectively serve customers and provide products for managing personal and business risks. But going live is not enough. What key factors are important for success? Learn how to get the most out of investments in policy administration systems and gain a competitive advantage.

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