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Analytics enabled: Getting value from every link

Using exploratory analytics techniques a leading beverage producer was able to take the first step in uncovering actionable opportunities that could deliver results in the near-term.

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Instant detection: Solving customer service issues in minutes

With advanced analytic and visualization capabilities in place, a global consumer products company was able to identify the root cause of customer service issues in a matter of minutes.

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Too much of a good thing

Helping a leading telecom provider turn big data into actionable insights

A major telecom provider became mired in too much data and not enough insight. They enlisted Deloitte to help them improve decision making by using big data and advanced analytics in an efficient, more cost-effective way.

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Capturing the digital customer

A major retailer recognizes the value of streamlined digital shopping experience and manages to convert online browsing into increased sales.

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A case for proactive pricing

Deloitte helps a multi-national food and beverage company develop an enterprise-wide strategic pricing framework, bolstering the value and impact of product pricing for the company and its retailers.

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Cultivating tomorrow’s analytics enterprise

A CPG manufacturer pinpoints data analytics as a strategic imperative to double its top-line over the next decade.

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Changing course

A Caribbean based food & beverage company turns to Deloitte to glean analytics-driven insights from the company’s operational and sales data.

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Product failure is not an option

A three-pronged solution addressing variability, visibility and velocity in the supply chain puts a CPG company on the path to $35M in cost-of-quality reductions.

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Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

To keep pace and maintain pressure on criminals, FinCEN needed timely access to reliable financial crime data, as well as powerful, user-friendly tools for data search and advanced analytics.

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Laying a firm foundation

Deloitte helps a pharmaceutical company adopt an Analytics Factory delivery model to help provide a more effective way for the organization to develop and standardize its own strategy and structure.

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Finding the balance

A predictive analytics application provides management with the insight to implement targeted retention initiatives that would drive innovation and insight through the power of data at a large, global pharmaceutical company.

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Making the right call

Deloitte helps a large wireless telecommunications company leverage its vast stores of data for timely customer analytics using an in-memory solution designed to deliver versatility and near real-time analytics.

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Drug testing moneyball

A global pharmaceutical company improves sales-force effectiveness by using advanced analytical models to improve customer targeting and refine sales force size and structure.

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​Weathering the storms

Deloitte helped a mid-size electric and gas retail and distribution utility adopt a more data-driven philosophy toward T&D operations and develop an analytics-based roadmap to support the company's vision.

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​Drilling through data

An independent oil and gas company develops a solution to seamlessly navigate its data and thus help users to extract new insights about the relationship between cost and performance.

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Putting strategy first

A finance analytics roadmap helps reduce business process cycle-time, establish data structures and enable emerging business needs.

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Data quality driven, customer insights enabled

Using analytics, one bank achieved a holistic view of its customers, improving its ability to respond to regulatory and audit requirements.

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