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In this blog, our Deloitte Analytics leaders share their reflections and insights on leveraging analytics to improve operations and drive smarter decisions.


The insight economy

Big data matters – except when it doesn’t If you are trying to determine whether big data is a big distraction or if it should be a cornerstone of your strategy, this guide is for you.


Big data meets small data

Enabled by the constant march of technological progress, we are now able to collect and analyze once overwhelming quantities of data and so discern melodie


Finding data scientists?

Video with David Rudini, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and John Houston, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Data scientists need a deep mathematical and statistical background, but they also need the business smarts to turn data into practical insights. It’s a difficult combination to find in one individual. So what should you do? Here’s our take.

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John Houston

Global Workforce Analytics Leader

David Rudini

Principal and COO | Deloitte Analytics

Forrest Danson

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP