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In this blog, our Deloitte Analytics leaders share their reflections and insights on leveraging analytics to improve operations and drive smarter decisions.


Retail customer engagement

Now it’s possible to understand the customer’s mindset throughout the entire shopping process with advanced analytics.


Power Insight: Getting to know your customer

With “Power Insight,” Deloitte leverages analytics to move beyond the traditional focus on service reliability and usage-based block rates. 
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Improving retail sales effectiveness

Video with Jeff Simpson, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Some retailers act as if their e-commerce business and in-store business are entirely separate. But in reality, it’s the same customer who’s buying online and in stores. One of the most powerful things a retailer can do is to bring their siloed data sets together to better understand their customers and persuade them to buy. Here’s our take.

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Analytics in Action: Customer

Turn customer and prospect demographic, transaction, and preference data into actionable insights.


Customer Engagement Solution

Deloitte’s Customer Engagement Solution helps retailers head-off attrition and solidify relationships by tapping customer insights.

Jeff Simpson

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Thomas Zipprich

Customer & Marketing Strategy | Monitor Deloitte

Suzanne Kounkel

Customer Transformation Market Offering Leader