Analytics Accelerator for Insurance

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Insurers are no strangers to the power of data. Some would argue that they pioneered the art of analytics, in fact. But the explosive growth of data – and of the analytics technologies and capabilities that can be used to transform it into insight – has proven difficult to keep up with, even for the most sophisticated analytics-driven organizations.

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That’s one reason why Deloitte created the Analytics Accelerator for Insurance, a targeted package of business intelligence tools, data models, and advanced capabilities focused specifically on the data challenges faced by insurers. The Accelerator does the hard work of pulling together the most advanced tools into one intuitive, easy-to-use framework that can help insurers begin generating results now.

If you’re ready to take your organization into the next phase of its analytics journey with maximum speed and minimal ramp-up, we should talk.

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Gregory Swinehart

Global Leader | Deloitte Advisory