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Deloitte Analytics to collaborate with the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

Deloitte Analytics announced a collaboration with the Customer Analytics Initiative at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (WCAI).


Analytics in Action: Customer

Shining a light on profitable, lasting relationships

​“Do more with less” is the new mantra for consumers and businesses alike. With less time, tighter budgets and fewer people, it seems like the only thing that’s abundant for many companies is information. Today’s technology allows businesses to collect ever-growing piles of customer and prospect demographic, transaction and preference data. But more information doesn’t mean more insights.

Customer Insights

The three-minute guide to customer analytics for retail

As retailers have pushed into new sales channels, it has become more difficult to track and manage the customer experience. But today’s analytics tools are able to bridge the gap, drawing in data from siloed data sets to create a more complete understanding of the customer experience through their eyes.
View the guide.

CMO Analytics

With growth at the forefront of every business agenda, CMOs today find themselves under enormous pressure to do more with less. In this environment, the convergence of transactional data with third-party sources and social, mobile, and unstructured information offers many CMOs a seductive path to value and opportunity.
Learn more about CMO Analytics.

The Three-minute guide to customer analytics

Customer analytics is among the most powerful enablers companies have for translating their customer’s signals into useful insights.
View the guide.

Power insight: Getting to know your customer

P&U companies can apply analytics to help improve customer enrollment and retention and enhance the economic return on smart-grid investments.
Learn more about Power Analytics.

Customer Case Studies

Capturing the digital customer

A major retailer recognizes the value of streamlined digital shopping experience and manages to convert online browsing into increased sales.
Read the case study.

A case for proactive pricing

Deloitte helps a multi-national food and beverage company develop an enterprise-wide strategic pricing framework, bolstering the value and impact of product pricing for the company and its retailers.
Read the case study.

Real-time customer insight and foresight with analytics

Deloitte helped a large wireless telecommunications company implement platforms to collect, store, and analyze data from across millions of customers and billions of transactions to achieve real-time marketing effectiveness.
Read the case study.

Drug testing moneyball

A global pharmaceutical company improves sales-force effectiveness by using advanced analytical models to improve customer targeting and refine sales force size and structure.
Read the case study.

Data Quality Driven, Customer Insights Enabled

A leading financial institution faced a daunting challenge: How to reduce risk exposure and better serve and market, to its customers. Using analytics, the bank achieved an holistic view of its customers, which improved its ability to respond to regulatory and audit requirements. The new framework also enabled the bank to better serve customers with appropriate service offerings.
Read the case study.


Analytics Answers for Customer

Customer Engagement Solution

Today’s consumers expect to shop at their convenience—anywhere, anytime, any way. With every purchase, Internet search, and social media comment, customers provide valuable clues about what they need and how they want to buy. They expect—and deserve—a smooth shopping experience across all channels, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. The stakes are high: retailers who crack the code on understanding and responding to consumers can gain a competitive edge that helps drive down attrition, enhance loyalty, and increase sales.
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Of all the levers that can help drive profitable growth, pricing may be the most direct. Today’s pricing leaders drive value through specificity, granularity, and a bias for action. But achieving that leadership is easier said than done. When companies don’t manage pricing, they can lose value—and can’t even be certain how much or where from.
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M&E Social Insights

It’s not unusual for media and entertainment companies to rack up thousands, even millions, of social media “likes”—and complaints—about their games, films, and other titled products. It’s a treasure trove of valuable information, but many organizations struggle to turn social data into actionable insights that can help drive more cost-efficient marketing strategies and higher sales growth.
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