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Analytics in Action: Risk

Data-driven insights

​ Organizations are seeking to increase “risk intelligence” by clearly defining, understanding, and managing their tolerance for and exposure to risk. Advanced analytics capabilities enable clearer visibility into the challenges associated with managing the many types of risk in such key areas as operations, regulatory compliance, supply chain, finance, ecommerce, and credit. By using analytics to measure, quantify, and predict risk, leaders can rely less on intuition and create a consistent methodology steeped in data-driven insights.

CRO Analytics

As the issue of risk increasingly becomes a core strategic concern for many businesses, CROs are facing mounting pressure to identify a wider range of risks and better understand the impacts of differing economic environments on business risk and performance.

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The Three-Minute Guide to Risk Analytics

Many organizations want to take advantage of the benefits of risk analytics to proactively identify and understand sources of risk to limit risk exposure, or to take certain risks to generate returns. Risk analytics can help establish a baseline for measuring risk across the organization and offer executives clarity in identifying, viewing, understanding, and managing risk.

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Data Quality Driven, Customer Insights Enabled

A holistic view of customer data reduces risk exposure

A leading financial institution faced a daunting challenge: How to reduce risk exposure and better serve and market, to its customers. Using analytics, the bank achieved an holistic view of its customers, which improved its ability to respond to regulatory and audit requirements. The new framework also enabled the bank to better serve customers with appropriate service offerings.

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Regulatory Risk in Banking

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Vivek Katyal

Principal | Deloitte & Touche LLP