Overcoming speed bumps on the road to telematics

Challenges and opportunities facing auto insurers with and without usage-based programs.


Business Analytics Insights

Financial Services

​ As the global economic downturn evolves into recovery, financial services companies seek in-depth insights to solve critical business issues, reduce risk, and drive growth. By applying advanced analytics to capture and understand their data, companies in the banking and securities, insurance, and investment sectors can leverage their data to build stronger, more robust business models. In doing so, they can make more proactive decisions that deliver customer value.

Banking Analytics Insights

While analytics isn’t exactly new to the world of banking, plenty of banks are gearing up for their next big analytics push, propelled by a load of data and new, sophisticated tools and technologies. Why has business analytics jumped to the top of the priority list for banks? Pick a reason. Regulatory reform, managing risk, changing business models, expansion into new markets, a renewed focus on customer profitability: Any one of these are reason enough for many banks to reconsider what today’s analytics capabilities can offer. A host of significant, recent changes in the banking industry have resulted in a long list of business challenges that the practice of business analytics may be positioned to address.

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Insurance Analytics Insights

Whether through improving the customer experience, gaining insight into performance management, or through better compliance and risk management–smarter, faster decisions at every level of the organization are necessary to complete in today’s market. We have a wide range of insurance-specific experiences resulting from the services we have provided in support of numerous organizations in their efforts to make analytics work harder across their business–predictive analytics, customer transformation, salesforce effectiveness, distribution strategy, underwriting and claims excellence.

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Analytics Answers for Financial Services

In the wake of a big wave of analytics hype, many are left wondering whether it’s just talk, or if they can start putting analytics approaches to work today. At Deloitte, we’ve moved beyond the hype and built a host of lightweight, challenge- and industry-focused analytics tools that are ready for deployment. And we’re just getting started.

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Deloitte Analytics

Our business analytics specialists look inside data to help create and refine strategies for delivering insights that yield informed business decisions.


Analytics in Action: Risk

By using analytics to measure and predict risk, leaders can create a consistent methodology steeped in data-driven insights.