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Deloitte’s survey of 500 corporate executives reflects that more than 80 percent see data analytics becoming increasingly important in the future of M&A.

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The insight-driven organization: Management of insights is the key

How can organizations make decisions on the basis of rigorous, data-based insights rather than experience or intuition? If companies are serious about becoming insight-driven organizations, they should focus on how insights are framed, created, marketed, consumed, and stored for reuse.


The Science of Business

Enterprise Science can transform data into predictive signals that inform solutions to your complex business problems.
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Deloitte Analytics

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Data is everywhere around us. Analytics should be everywhere, too—in every corner of the business, every day. That’s what it takes to become a truly insight-driven organization. Our business analytics specialists are adept at using the latest science-led methods to help organizations apply insights at the point of action. The result? Business-differentiating decisions and an insight-driven advantage.

Industry advantage

We have spent years developing deep, industry-specific experience, working side-by-side with our clients. As a result, we’re able to hit the ground running on both large initiatives and more targeted analytics projects, using an industry-specific approach.

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Integrated analytics solutions

From an approach that draws from the analytics advances pioneered in the hard sciences, to a robust portfolio of solutions that have emerged directly from client needs across industries, we are able to help clients get a jump-start on their most important strategic goals involving business analytics.

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Integrated Analytics Solutions

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For most organizations, having enough data isn’t the problem. Instead, it’s knowing what to do with the massive amounts of data they have accumulated. We work with clients across virtually every industry, in critical parts of their business. There’s no right place to start, but our experience has shown that these areas are best for gaining traction and showing results fast.

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Deloitte Analytics Solutions: Put them to work today

We provide our clients with business-ready innovations in analytics that are difficult to match. We are at the forefront continuously developing new science-led, issue-driven analytics solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our suite of analytics solutions can help deliver an insight-driven advantage today. See what you can leverage in your organization.

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University Relations Program

Deloitte Analytics is collaborating with select universities to discover and mentor the next generation of analytics talent. Our University Relations Program focuses on preparing the best and brightest young people to drive innovation in business analytics theory, perform cutting-edge analytics research, and create tomorrow’s solutions today.

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The awards and recognition we receive are a reflection of our commitment to our clients, our people, and our community.

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University Relations Program

Deloitte is collaborating with select universities to discover and mentor the next generation of analytics talent.

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Partner | US Tax Analytics Leader

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Chief Innovation Officer | Deloitte & Touche LLP

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