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​It’s not unusual for media and entertainment companies to rack up thousands, even millions, of social media “likes”—and complaints—about their games, films, and other titled products. It’s a treasure trove of valuable information, but many organizations struggle to turn social data into actionable insights that can help drive more cost-efficient marketing strategies and higher sales growth.

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Even if they receive actionable insights, measuring the impact that social conversations can have on their business goals is difficult.  And it’s almost impossible to predict—and influence—the impact that online chatter can have on future sales and revenue. Until now.

Deloitte has developed a social analytics tool squarely focused on listening to and interpreting social media conversations about titled entertainment products, which can enable M&E executives to accurately predict, and influence sales and revenue.  Merging social data with competitive and internal marketing, sales, and customer data eliminates data silos. Using advanced analytics, the solution identifies key metrics that influence sales and customer loyalty, allowing you to focus strategies on connecting with consumers and influencing social conversations. 

Bottom-line benefits

  • Make real-time decisions and adjustments to improve effectiveness of marketing campaigns, product development, and financial forecasts.
  • Contain marketing costs by targeting advertising more effectively.
  • Forecast demand for new and existing products under different pricing, advertising, and social scenarios.
  • Determine ROI for advertising categories, including television, digital, and out of home.
  • Launch quickly and effectively with industry-tested social analytics technologies and knowledgeable, objective guidance.

If you want to gain new insights that can help you meet the business goals for your new or existing titled entertainment product, we should talk. Please reach out to any of us to get the conversation started.

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