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Australia: Responding to BEPS, IMR, tax transparency law and other developments

Jonathan Hill, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Dash session covers latest developments in Australia’s response to the OECD BEPS project following the release of the OECD reports in October 2015 as well as other specific measures in relation to investing in Australia such as the Investment Manager Regime and the Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Tax. (Dash time – 7:20)

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Brazil: Tax update 2015

Andre Illipronti, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation shares recent developments in Brazilian taxation, and provides comments and further information on the most recent changes that should impact multinational companies investing in Brazil. (Dash time – 8:40)

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2015 Canadian budget update and other tax measures

Alex Smith, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

The purpose of the presentation is to highlight some of tax elements included in the Canadian 2015 Federal budget. Also, the presentation will discuss the impact of the recent enactment of the Canadian back to back loan rules as they relate to withholding tax. (Dash time – 7:10)

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China: 2015 tax and regulatory update

Sharon Chow, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The China Dash session will provide an update of two important circulars issued in year 2015. One is about the indirect transfer of China Taxable Assets and the other is about cross-border payments from China to overseas related parties. These two circulars have already affected many transactions since their issuance and will continue to have a great impact on the M&A deals as well as related party transaction arrangements for the multinational corporations with China operations. (Dash time – 8:10)

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France: Corporate tax update

Pierre-Henri Revault, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP
Chloe Pitoun, Senior Tax Consultant, Deloitte Tax LLP

The French Dash presentation provides an update on the recent tax legislative developments in France resulting from the adoption of the Finance Law for 2016 and the Amended Finance Law for 2015. The key measures developed are inspired by BEPS’ action plan while other provisions result from EU law and decisions. (Dash time – 8:35)

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Germany: Update on CFC rules

Andreas Maywald, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation provides an overview over the German CFC rules and describes the consequences in case the CFC rules are applicable. In addition the consequences of a recent decision of the federal tax court are explained and how this decision might provide relief for certain taxpayers that fall under the CFC rules. (Dash time – 8:00)

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Italy: Major changes to international tax rules

Stefano Schiavello, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation covers the changes to Italian international tax rules made by the decree issued by Italy’s government on 14 September 2015 (“Growth and Internationalization Decree”). These include changes to the measures relevant to foreign investors and governing tax rulings, tax havens, the migration of a company’s residence, permanent establishments (PEs) and the tax consolidation regime. (Dash time – 7:40)

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Japan: 2015 tax reform

Linda Ng, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Japan Dash presentation focuses on key measures in the 2015 tax reform that will affect US multinationals doing business in Japan, including corporate tax rate reductions and changes to the NOL rules. The 2015 tax reform will also have a significant impact on many businesses that provide cross-border digital supplies to customers in Japan. (Dash time – 8:40)

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Luxembourg: 2016 key direct tax changes and launch of new fund vehicle

Nicolas Devergne, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Luxembourg dash session will provide an update of the recent direct tax legislative changes in Luxembourg affecting multinational groups. In addition, the characteristics of a new fund vehicle, the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund, which will be a best-in-class solution for managers, will be presented. (Dash time - 7:40)

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Mexico: Tax Update 2016 – Recent BEPS developments and new tax reform

Josemaria Cabanillas, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Mexican Dash session will provide an update of the latest tax developments in Mexico with a particular focus to the new BEPS requirements (as CbC reporting) and the tax reform in effect as of 1 January 2016. (Dash time – 8:00)


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Netherlands: Budget and other proposals

Bram Bonink, Tax Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Dutch Dash session will provide an update on the recent Dutch Budget and other proposals in the Netherlands relevant for both Dutch and foreign entities. We will discuss the proposed implementation of the Parent Subsidiary Directive amendments, transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting as part of the Dutch Budget. We will also discuss the proposed amendments to the fiscal unity regime to bring the rules in line with EU law. (Dash time – 9:40)

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Singapore: 2016 Budget - A blueprint for transformation

Li Mei Liew, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation provides an update on the 2016 Singapore budget, which sets the blueprint for Singapore’s transformation.

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Switzerland: Revised draft legislation on Corporate Tax Reform III

Diego Weder, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Switzerland Dash presentation is on the revised draft legislation of the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III introduced by the Swiss Government on June 5, 2015 into the Swiss parliament–it informs you about the proposed changes and new measures compared to the initial draft of September 2014 which would allow Switzerland to remain a very attractive tax jurisdiction for doing business. (Dash time – 10:50)

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UK: Diverted Profits Tax

Greg Dalziel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation takes a closer look at the proposed introduction of a new “BEPS”-style tax on profits artificially diverted from the UK, in an effort by the UK government to target perceived tax avoidance by large corporates. As currently drafted, this new tax could potentially affect many US multinationals doing business in the UK. (Dash time – 10:00)

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UK: Autumn Statement 2014 and BEPS Developments

Greg Dalziel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This presentation covers the key tax announcements from the UK’s recent Autumn Statement (December 3, 2014), with a particular focus on the steps the UK is taking to implementing BEPS measures including: proposed new anti-hybrid rules and the adoption of transfer pricing country-by-country reporting. (Dash time – 8:05)

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