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Alternative energy trends

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Alternative energy is defying expectations. Faced with an uncertain federal energy policy and a domestic natural gas boom, the magnitude of which was largely unforeseen, many industry observers expected the growth of the alternative energy sector to slow dramatically in 2013. This prediction has not come to pass. Despite unexpected obstacles, strong demand for renewable energy is propelling the industry forward, suggesting alternative energy has possibly entered mainstream thinking as an important part of America’s long-term energy solution.

​The term “alternative energy” suggests renewable energy sources are “the other” option — one presumably considered less often than conventional fossil fuels. This implication may no longer be warranted. Several market and policy trends are coalescing to create a strong demand-pull for renewable energy. In this paper, we explore the following trends in alternative energy:

  1. Uncertainty on the Federal Front for Alternative Energy
  2. States Paving the Way for Alternative Energy Growth
  3. M&A Activity Continues to be Strong
  4. New Financing Mechanisms Appear
  5. Energy Management – Corporations are Going Green
  6. EPA Regulations Compel Coal Plant Retirements
  7. Electricity Demand Remains Weak
  8. Shale Gas and Renewables Pair Up
  9. The Diversification Imperative
  10. Ongoing Innovation Continues to Enhance Competitiveness

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Marlene Motyka

US Alternative Energy leader | Deloitte Advisory