The case for a close czar

The close czar can proactively identify issues and help management make timely decisions, set expectations, and help meet financial reporting deadlines.


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Financial statements: Framing your judgment calls

CFO Insights

​Equipped with a formal framework, finance chiefs can help avoid once-in-a-lifetime events that could sideline a company or cost heavily in terms of time, reputation, and at worst, regulatory scrutiny, fines, and restricted access to capital.

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Learn how to avoid once-in-a-lifetime events that could sideline your company.

Chief Financial Officers (​CFOs) and their teams continually strive to achieve zero material defects in their financial statements.

Backed by effective internal controls, the knowledge of the senior officers in their accounting teams, and input from external advisors, they work diligently to avoid last-minute adjustments. Still, their efforts are not foolproof.

In this issue of CFO Insights, we examine why companies might consider implementing a formal framework to support accounting and financial reporting judgments, and discuss why they could benefit from a more disciplined approach.

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