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Managing sanctions compliance

May 2015

The current Alert highlights our recent survey on managing sanctions compliance. The survey focused on understanding how businesses are managing the challenges of sanctions compliance, the impact of new laws and recent enforcement actions on organizations, and opportunities for improving sanctions compliance efforts. View the survey results and see if you are up for the challenge.

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Litigation and Trial Intelligence

March 2015

If a case goes to trial, quickly gathering publicly available background information on prospective jurors can be pivotal in the selection of a jury. An effective litigation strategy also requires an understanding of the opposing parties, their claims and defenses, and the backgrounds of experts and fact witnesses.

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January 2015

If the more than 300 business executives who participated in the survey are correct, a company's reputation should be managed like a priceless asset and protected as if it's a matter of life and death, because from a business and career perspective, that's exactly what it is. The Reputation@Risk survey report examines what organizations around the world are doing to get in front of this critical issue.

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Perspectives from today's CLOs

November 2014

Many factors have significantly impacted the challenges Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) face in answering the demands of different stakeholders. With the resulting need for greater command of corporate strategy, business operations, and financial acumen, what are some effective practices CLOs are employing today? Watch the archive of our December Dbriefs webcast to learn how innovative CLOs are excelling in an increasingly challenging environment.

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Wizards and trolls

September 2014

Not long ago, protecting intellectual property was primarily the purview of technology and pharmaceutical companies. More recently, however, industries in the path of these accelerating technologies have begun to find themselves grappling with an urgent and often critical need for IP fluency. To learn more, read the full article.

Three ways analytics can help Chief Legal Officers

CLO analytics video:
Three ways analytics can help Chief Legal Officers (CLO)

July 2014

Like the other parts of a business, legal departments depend on high value, defensible information that can be used to answer some of their toughest questions. Just as important is the ability to dissect large data sets quickly, so that they can focus on what’s important: winning. To learn more, watch the video.

​Managing corruption risks in India

May 2014

While India presents increasing investment opportunities, foreign companies in India face some unique challenges. This report focuses mainly on the corruption landscape, associated risks and the need for implementing an effective anti-corruption compliance program in India. To learn more, download the full article.

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