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Bitcoin: the new gold rush?

Where did Bitcoin come from and where are digital alternative currencies going? Do they have a significant role in the future of payment networks and banks?

The report

Mainstream perception of Bitcoin, much like the cryptocurrency itself, has been volatile. Aside from this volatility and other challenges around regulatory oversight and security concerns, there are clear benefits, particularly for payments. What will it take to get Bitcoin into mainstream adoption? What might the future of cryptocurrencies mean for traditional financial services?

 Read this paper to understand:

  • The basics of Bitcoin
  • How to mine, buy, and use bitcoins
  • Benefits and challenges of this cryptocurrency
  • Conditions for mainstream adoption
  • Implications for financial services companies

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The infographic

While Bitcoin may have many benefits, there are several impacts that this cryptocurrency may have on financial services companies. What are the risks associated with Bitcoin? How do trust, stability, and acceptance come into play for mainstream adoption? What are the business implications from a payments, retail and investment banking, and hedging and investment services perspective? How does Bitcoin impact the institution – from tax and accounting, operations and technology, and risk and compliance?

 Download our infographic for a high-level overview of the paper and to understand how Bitcoin may impact your financial services company.

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