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Meeting the retirement challenge

New approaches and solutions for the financial services industry

The Deloitte Center for Financial Services conducted a survey to understand how financial institutions might develop new approaches and solutions for retirement planning. The study revealed five main barriers inhibiting Americans from taking a more disciplined approach. What can financial services providers do to break down the barriers to help consumers plan for a successful retirement?

Transition into retirement

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Meeting the retirement challenge

What can the financial services industry do to make the transition into retirement smooth and successful instead of daunting and uncontrolled? 

Retirement planning is probably one of the biggest financial challenges most people will ever face. While planning over the long-term is so important, it seems many consumers fail to take control of their retirement destiny. We confirmed this notion when we surveyed nearly 4,500 consumers about retirement planning and discovered that only three in 10 people feel very secure about their retirement.

Read our paper to learn five barriers that consumers identified as roadblocks to retirements and how financial services providers can help them overcome those challenges.

Retirement planning

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Infographic: Meeting the Retirement Challenge

What can financial services providers can do to help customers tackle the daunting task of retirement planning? 

While many Americans do not feel confident in their retirement planning, our data shows an opportunity for financial services providers to break down barriers and provide new approaches and solutions to retirement. View our infographic for a “by the numbers” look at how the industry can meet the retirement challenge. 

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