2013 strategic sales compensation survey report

Pay paradox in sales compensation

After several distressing years, the global economy finally seems to be showing positive signs. Of the 300 sales leaders from organizations across the globe who participated in our survey, they appear to be optimistic about where the economy and in turn, their companies, are headed. Although the recovery may be underway, these leaders are not satisfied with the productivity or performance of their sales forces. Results from Deloitte Consulting LLP’s 2013 Strategic Sales Compensation Survey reveal a consistent lack of satisfaction in these areas over the past several years.

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2013 strategic sales compensation survey

2013 strategic sales compensation survey report

To combat this lack of improvement, sales leaders have continuously looked at altering or revamping their compensation plans in an effort to jump start progress. While they may be looking for the “perfect” compensation plan to drive the preferred behaviors and grow sales, unfortunately, evidence shows that such an approach may not provide desired results. Furthermore, frequent changes may inhibit growth and limit visibility into the true effectiveness of the sales force.

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