Generation Y: Powerhouse of the global economy

A challenge and opportunity for employers

Generation Y (14 to 27 years old) is often tagged as a self-entitled group raised during prosperous economic times, placed on pedestals by their doting Baby Boomer parents. In the context of the workplace, they’ve been described as overly ambitious dreamers who don’t want to pay their dues and are only concerned about higher pay and more time off.

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Generation Y: Powerhouse of the global economy

Learn more about Gen Y in today’s work force

Deloitte’s latest snapshot on the Gen Yers who are already in the workforce finds that these characterizations miss the story. Gen Yers are a hidden powerhouse of employee potential, critical for global business in tough times. Future-oriented, ready to contribute now, opportunity-driven. The generation brought up in an era of rapid technological change will seek to earn greater opportunities for rapid advancement and more responsibilities at a younger age, requiring organizations to change the way they attract, develop, promote and retain these talented individuals.

How employers respond will determine whether they can tap this hidden powerhouse of employee potential in a time of tight budgets and economic uncertainty–or lose them to their competition.

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Jason Geller

US Human Capital Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP