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Health Care Current: July 1, 2014

Moving beyond fitness tracking to biometric data and personalized insights: Welcome to the age of biosensing wearables.


Alert: change is in the air

Discover a future where technology streamlines the health care experience for consumers, practitioners, hospitals, pharmacies and other stakeholders.


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A check-up on consumer use

Consumer interest in mobile health (mHealth) is strong yet results of the Deloitte 2013 Survey of US Consumers show adoption remains limited.

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Consumer interest in mobile health

Consumer interest in mobile health (mHealth) is strong and its potential to improve health care is high. Despite this interest, however, Deloitte’s 2013 Survey of US Health Care Consumers shows that consumer adoption of mobile health technologies remains limited. And yet, the tools for mHealth are already in consumers’ hands – nine in 10 Americans own a cell phone; over half of these are smart phones.1 One in three uses their phone to look for health information.2 Consumers are comfortable with mobile-enabled shopping, travel and banking so, why not health care? Privacy and security concerns, skepticism about the accuracy of apps and a gap in what some consumers say they want and the health care industry’s current capabilities are limiting factors.

1 Pew Internet and American Life Project. Health Online 2013. January 15, 2013.
2 Pew Internet and American Life Project. Mobile Health 2012. November 8, 2012.

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